Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Explanation Writing - How a Water Gun Works.

    A water gun is a super awesome cool object. It is used in water wars. When you pull the trigger liquid blasts out of the nozzle.
    Before you pull the trigger you’ll need liquid in the tank. The tank can be any size but it has to hold the liquid in the tank…
    Next you can pull the trigger. The trigger is used so we can blast other people and play the game. When you pull the trigger a force pushes the water out.
    Now you can see how a water gun works and you can wet your Mum and Dad!
By Dylan

    What is a water gun?   It is a type of gun.  When you shoot the gun it turns into a stream of water.   This blasts of out the nozzle.
    A water pistol needs… water and a container.  The container holds the liquid.
    After I pull the trigger the liquid shoots out of the nozzle at the target.  The trigger helps the water squirt from the nozzle. 
 Water fights are so fun to do on a sunny day because it can cool you down if you are sweaty.
    Now you know how a water gun works. You can now play with your friends.

By Bailey

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