Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Forest of Monsters

It all started in a pitch black forest with monsters lurking everywhere. One particular monster, a big, orange and very bossy one, was swinging through the trees looking for something to eat. The largest monster, Ructor hers it swinging, and with that he roared. It was so loud that it made the trees shake so hard that branches were torn off the tree. By the time the roar stopped the forest looked like a cyclone has passed through, leaves were everywhere, branches were scattered all over the ground and one of the trees had been ripped clean out of the ground. Now the forest looks more like a desert than a forest. The big and orange monster was nowhere in sight but Ructor was looking for it. There was one place Ructor didn't look, in a clearing that held the last tree standing, a 170 metre tall sequoia with bark as hard as rocks. Beside the sequoia there was a deep, dark hole, and in that hole the big orange monster hid.

by Ciaran Mace LC16

My Local Treasure

The light blue birds are tweeting, the water is sparkling, the wind is blowing in my hair.   Nature is all around me.  This is my local treasure, Lankayan Island. There is a long bridge under me, there is a big building in front of me, at the back is the royal medium house and the beach. There are beautiful forest green trees in front of me. It’s a very calm and peaceful place.

By Ying Ying Yong LC16

Feel the breeze, the oxygen around me.  My heart is pumping as I watch the ducks and swans swim past in the diamond blue river.  I gaze at a bird spreading his wings and taking to the skies.  The cool stones, the trees shaking their lime green leaves.  Nature is all around me.  The pea green grass waving in the breeze, the water running down the stream.  I’m in LOVE!!! 

By Daniel Nhim LC16
My Favourite Spot

I am sitting in my favourite tree. I feel real happy. The birds are tweeting and bright sun is shining down. Leaves are rustling. I see a brown circular nest made of twigs. The bark is rough.

by Kaitlynn Roe, LC13

My favourite outdoor spot is my grandma's garden because it's full of lovely flowers, like marigolds, and a big, beautiful lemon tree. On sunny days I take a book out there and sit under the lemon tree. When I'm reading my book I can hear the tweeting of little sparrows around me and smell the sweet scent of the flowers. Sometimes, when Grandma says it's ok, I can pick some of the fabulous flowers that grow in her garden.

by Sophie Murrie, LC13

Explanation Writing - How a Water Gun Works.

    A water gun is a super awesome cool object. It is used in water wars. When you pull the trigger liquid blasts out of the nozzle.
    Before you pull the trigger you’ll need liquid in the tank. The tank can be any size but it has to hold the liquid in the tank…
    Next you can pull the trigger. The trigger is used so we can blast other people and play the game. When you pull the trigger a force pushes the water out.
    Now you can see how a water gun works and you can wet your Mum and Dad!
By Dylan

    What is a water gun?   It is a type of gun.  When you shoot the gun it turns into a stream of water.   This blasts of out the nozzle.
    A water pistol needs… water and a container.  The container holds the liquid.
    After I pull the trigger the liquid shoots out of the nozzle at the target.  The trigger helps the water squirt from the nozzle. 
 Water fights are so fun to do on a sunny day because it can cool you down if you are sweaty.
    Now you know how a water gun works. You can now play with your friends.

By Bailey

Picture Prompt Writing

Oink, oink!  The piglet is licking a vanilla ice cream.  Oh no the vanilla ice cream is melting.  They tiny blue table has a tiny hole because it's for the vanilla ice cream to stand up on.

by Kianu Mooney LC12/13